Friday, November 9, 2007

Al Qaeda losing the log war in Iraq

By Donald Sensing

When you've lost the logistics war, you've simply lost the war.

November 9, 2007: The various terrorist groups in Iraq, especially the Sunni Arabs and al Qaeda, appear to be having supply problems. In a word, the enemy is running out of ammunition. Their logistical "tail" is being chopped to bits. Captured documents and prisoner interrogations mention these shortages. There are other signs as well. Many of the bomb factories, or bomb storage sites, are full of homemade explosives. Apparently most of the Saddam era, ready-made stuff, is gone. Most of the pre-2003 military explosives have been found and destroyed by American combat engineers over the last four years.

In every operations planning meeting I attended or presented, discussion of logistics occupied easily two-thirds of the time, and usually about three-fourths. Correct tactics, after all, is simply using firepower and maneuver in order to achieve an advantage that is logistically supportable.

The more desperate al Qaeda in Iraq becomes to sustain itself, the more visible it will become. And the more visible it becomes, the more of them Iraqi and American forces will kill or capture.

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