Every Christmas or Easter there is always some "scholar" who knows he can (a) make a lot of money, (b) garner gushing media reports about him, and (c) gain a lot of street cred with Po-Mo academics by publishing a book claiming that there is some buried secret about Jesus that blows the whole Christian faith apart.
Almost always the author claims that a recovered text from the early centuries proves his point. As if the early church didn't know about them? They did know - and rejected them then for the same reason they should be rejected now: They. Are. Crap.
But fear not. As theologian Theodore Beza wrote 500 years agon, "The church is an anvil which has worn out many hammers."
This nonsense too shall pass. But wait until March when Easter looms and we'll go through this kabuki dance all over again.
(Funny how when Ramadan comes around no one tries to expose Islam for the fraud that it is.)
There is a foolproof recipe for making it rich in modern pseudo-scholarship.
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  • Donald Sensing