Thursday, August 21, 2014

Note Kerry's passive voice

By Donald Sensing

John Kerry On James Foley's Murder

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday that the extremist Islamic group that brutally murdered an American journalist by execution would be "crushed," echoing strong words from President Barack Obama earlier in the day.
Note the passive voice: ISIS will be crushed. But by whom or what? Kerry never says.

Apparently nature will take care of it.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Why The Middle Class In America Is Being Systematically Destroyed

By Donald Sensing

Why The Middle Class In America Is Being Systematically Destroyed | ETF DAILY NEWS:

Thirty stats that show it.

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Comedy like they used to

By Donald Sensing

They don't do comedy like this any more, and we are all the poorer for it.

Note no profanity, no scatological "jokes," no insulting others, no political agenda, no sexual innuendos. How were they ever funny back then?

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Assault Umbrella Terrorizes Students

By Donald Sensing

Oh, no! Assault umbrella sighted on a university campus!

First they came for the assault umbrellas, but I didn't object because . . .
A report of man carrying a rifle on the campus of Cal State University San Marcos prompted a campuswide lockdown and search by local law enforcement officials Wednesday.

Officials told NBC 7 they determined the man involved was carrying an umbrella, not a rifle.

The initial report described a bald man carrying a rifle on the campus north of San Diego just before 9 a.m., San Diego County Sheriff's Deputies said.

Campus police put the university on lockdown and began a security sweep. After searching for 30 minutes, no suspect was found, no shots were fired and no one was injured.
So the campus got through another day threatened by the deadly assault umbrella!

Here's a clue (when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail department):
Some students who were working on campus Wednesday had just been trained the day prior for the possibility of an active shooter on campus.
Maybe they should have been trained in identifying just what an active shooter would be shooting with. Maybe the instructor used this firearms identification chart:

But wait! There's more!
“It’s definitely scary knowing someone could be around the corner, you know, with a gun,” said Lane Giammalva. “You just have to remain calm, protect yourself and protect the people next to you.” 
“It’s definitely scary knowing someone could be around the corner, you know, with an umbrella!”

Don't worry, Lane, you'll find a psychologist at Cal State to certify you qualify for disability for PTSD induced by the mere thought that if someone was carrying an umbrella, she might have been carrying a rifle!

That's a real product, btw, and it is an umbrella, not a rifle. But campus lockdown because of an umbrella spotting is not new at all.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Inside The Islamic State

By Donald Sensing

The Islamic State (Full Length)

Watch the whole thing.


Also: "The science behind Isis savagery: 5 ways humans become hardwired for violence
Carrying out beheadings and other extreme acts is unthinkable for most people, but the right cocktail of factors can make anyone an extremist, says neuroscientist Prof Ian Robertson"

"Islam is ISIS and ISIS is Islam. There is no other Islam."

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30 great one-liners

By Donald Sensing

30 great one-liners - Telegraph

Some doozies.

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Don't you hate it when this happens?

By Donald Sensing

  • 6 / 13

"...just kidding?"

Don’t you hate it when you suffer a heart attack and think you’re going to die, so you confess to a 17-year-old murder, only to find out you’re not going to die and then get sentenced to life in prison as a result? Yeah, so does James Washington, of Nashville, because it happened to him.

The 12 Unluckiest Dumb Criminals Ever | Reader's Digest:

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Why the Left can't argue, only insult

By Donald Sensing

What happens when a leftist student confronts arguments he or she disagrees with? After all, they sometimes hear views that contradict their own. The problem is that they have always been rewarded for facile rejoinders, the equivalent of one-move chess games.   
There is a ceremony that goes with this, something one of my colleagues calls "The Women's Studies Nod." When someone makes a ridiculously extreme, empirically unfounded but ideologically correct argument, everyone else must nod vigorously.   
Not just a, "Yes, that's correct," nod, but "Yes, you are correct, you are one of us, we are one spirit and one great collective shared mind" nod.  
What if someone withholds the Nod?    
Since the children of the left have never actually had to play a full chess game of argument, they need a response. Their responses are two: "You are an idiot; no one important believes that," or "You are evil; no good person could possibly believe that."  
At this point, leftist faculty teach the left students several different moves. Let's consider a few.   
Suppose I claim that rent control is a primary reason why there is such a shortage of affordable housing in New York and San Francisco. Here are the responses I have gotten from students: 
1.  Micro-aggression!2.  Check your privilege! (If they had a mic, they'd drop it, because this is supposed to be so devastating).3.  You must take money from the Koch Foundation.4.  Economists don't understand the real world.  5.  Prices don't measure values. Values are about people. You don't care about people.  
Not one of those responses actually responds to, or even tries to understand, the argument that rent controls harm the populations that politicians claim they want to help.    
The point is that if you cared about poor people, actually cared about consequences for poor people, you would oppose rent controls. But that's not how the logic of the left works. Instead of caring about the poor, they want to be seen as caring about the poor.   
Our colleagues on the left could choose to educate their liberal students, but since education requires "collision with error," that is no longer possible. That’s because the faculty on the left were themselves educated by neglect, never confronting counterarguments, in a now self-perpetuating cycle of ignorance and ideological bigotry. 
Our higher education system fails leftist students

"You are an idiot; no one important believes that," or "You are evil; no good person could possibly believe that."

Try to discuss any issue with someone of the liberal-left today, and I guarantee that it will take only a short time to elicit either (or both) of those rejoinders. It's inevitable. They literally do not know how to argue on the basis of facts and merit. So they don't.

But discussion and debate don't fit into the desires of the Left anyway, so they don't think they need to know how to do them. Ideology trumps everything so what they want is to silence other voices, not debate them.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

"Beijing is like Washington D.C. . . .

By Donald Sensing

... except less communists."

Beijing From Above, aka The Story of How I Was Detained by the Police for flying my DJI Quadcopter

Worth the time to see the video posted there.

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The Seven Bad Ideas of Leftism (but there must be more)

By Donald Sensing

The Seven Bad Ideas of Leftism

  1. Solipsism — the paradox that asserts that truth is personal, hence optional: “It is not true that truth is true.”
  2. Relativism — the paradox that asserts that virtue is subjective, situational, relative: “It is wrong for you to judge right and wrong.”
  3. Subjectivism — the paradox that asserts that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As if putting a urinal in an Art Museum, and betraying the standard somehow proves the standard wrong, not the betrayal.
  4. Irrationalism — the paradox that asserts reason is untrustworthy. Each man’s reason is too biased by upbringing, class self interest, sex, race, and background such that no one, aside from members of a given race and sex and victim group, can be expected to understand or advise other members of the victim group. Of course, reaching this conclusion from that premise is itself an act of reasoning, requiring the reasoner to trust his reason, despite the background and race and sex of the reasoner.
  5. Pervertarianism — the paradox that asserts it to be licit to seek the gratifications of sexual union of the reproductive act without the union, without the reproduction, and, in the case of sodomites, without the act. The same insane paradox asserts that females should be feminists rather than feminine; and that sexual predation is more romantic than romance.
  6. Totalitarianism — the paradox that asserts that freedom is slavery, war is peace, ignorance is strength. The Constitution is a living, breathing document, ergo it must be smothered and killed.
  7. Nihilism — the paradox of that the meaning of life is that it has no innate meaning.
HT: American Digest

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Friday, August 15, 2014

2016's dirty tricks have now begun

By Donald Sensing

Democrat Travis County, Texas, DA gets Gov. Rick Perry indicted.

It does not matter what the charge is because the charge is not the point. The 2016 presidential race is the point. This is political theater and the audience is the other 49 states. If Perry decides to run in 2016, the Dems' ads will incessantly run pointing out that the Republican candidate was indicted by a grand jury in his own state while he was governor. 2016 is the only thing this is about.

And they have barely begun. In fact, Texas Democrats are already calling for Perry to resign

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Eventually you run out of suckers

By Donald Sensing

But when you do, you go to Norway or Denmark because the worldwide supply of suckers is inexhaustible:

Everyone who uses the internet has at some point encountered a Nigerian scam. Some are openly Nigerian—like the infamous “A Nigerian prince just died and we need to send his fortune to a safehaven overseas and if you agree to accept this payment you will be paid $4.3 million for the service, which all makes perfect sense I promise” email. Some are run out of Nigeria but don’t mention the country specifically—like an email responding to your Craigslist couch-selling ad that offers, in odd-sounding English, to pay you exactly what you asked for (the scam is that they send you way more than the price “by accident” and then ask you to wire them back the excess—the money they sent appears to actually be in your account so you send them the excess. Then a couple weeks later, the bank realizes it was a fake check and you’re on the hook for all of it…but the “excess” money you wired was real money and the scammer has taken it and disappeared).

I came to Nigeria excited to learn more about the people who run these scams so asked a bunch of questions. Apparently, Nigerian people call these scammers “Yahoos” (pronounced “ya-OOZE”) because they always used Yahoo to carry out their scams, back when Yahoo was something humans used. And word is that they don’t bother scamming Americans much anymore because Americans no longer tend to fall for the tricks—instead, they’ve moved onto Denmark and Norway, two places where they’re having great success now. I learned that one scam that’s hot right now is convincing some poor lonely Danish man that you’re a pretty American girl (by creating a fake Facebook account and stealing photos from some random other Facebook account), spending a couple months forming a relationship with the man, and then asking the man to send money for a flight so you can come visit him. Which he does and then never hears from you again. They even have a machine that makes a man’s voice sound like a woman’s, which they use to talk to the man on the phone. Good, honest work.
19 Things I Learned in Nigeria | Wait But Why:

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Gun culture

By Donald Sensing

This is absolutely typical practice in much of the Arab Middle East, only the large scale here is exceptional. This is the traditional celebratory gunfire at a wedding celebration. Note that the arms being fired are fully-automatic sub-machine guns.

And you thought the United States had a "gun culture!" We're pikers compared to most of the Middle East.

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Cops are not soldiers

By Donald Sensing

And should neither be equipped nor uniformed to look like them.

It's a bit silly for me to repost anything Glenn Reynolds already did, but he hit the nail so precisely that I think it should be reposted everywhere:

CHANGE: Congress under pressure from left and right to ‘demilitarize’ police. If you want to do that, you need not only to get rid of the Defense Department’s surplus weapons program, but also the HHS and Justice Department grants that let police buy military type weapons. A simple rule would be to provide that police can have only weapons that a civilian could lawfully possess, since they’re civilians themselves.

Absolutely. Then there's this from the WaPo: "The Pentagon gave nearly half a billion dollars of military gear to local law enforcement last year"

The events in Ferguson, Missouri this week are an uncomfortable reminder of the militarization of America's small town law enforcement agencies. The photos coming out of the town--of heavily armed officers in full combat gear squaring off against unarmed protesters--look like images we're used to seeing from places like Gaza, Turkey, or Egypt, not from a midwestern suburb of 21,000 people.
One of the ways police departments have armed themselves in recent years is through the Defense Department's excess property program, known as the 1033 Program. It "permits the Secretary of Defense to transfer, without charge, excess U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) personal property (supplies and equipment) to state and local law enforcement agencies (LEAs)," according to the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center.
The 1033 program has transferred more than $4.3 billion in equipment since its inception in 1997. In 2013 alone it gave nearly half a billion dollars worth of military equipment to local law enforcement agencies, according to the program's website.

Update: Maybe they are finally getting a clue in D.C.: "Democrat plans police anti-militarization bill amid Ferguson violence"

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

" if this is news to you . . .

By Donald Sensing

... you have been in a bomb shelter your whole life."

From the comments at Princeton University study: You Have 'Near-Zero' Impact on U.S. Policy.

A startling new political science study concludes that corporate interests and mega wealthy individuals control U.S. policy to such a degree that "the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy." 
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White House: World is tranquil. Defense Secretary: 'The World is Exploding All Over'

By Donald Sensing

Just a month ago: 'WH Spokesman: Administration's Foreign Policy Has Improved 'Tranquility Of The Global Community':


Fresh off a trip to India and Australia, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel addressed a group of Marines in San Diego, California Tuesday, and may have delivered a line that will show up in Republican campaign ads this election cycle. After updating the troops on some issues in the Pacific region and the Middle East, Hagel took questions from some of the Marines and gave a stark assessment of the global security situation: "The world is exploding all over." 
Chuck Hagel has never exactly had a reputation as a strategist of any sort, but at least he seems to be able to look at facts and assess them for what they are, unlike his boss.

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World's top Muslim leaders condemn attacks on Iraqi Christians

By Donald Sensing

World's top Muslim leaders condemn attacks on Iraqi Christians Vatican Radio

The most explicit condemnation came from Iyad Ameen Madani, the Secretary General for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the group representing 57 countries, and 1.4 billion Muslims.
In a statement, he officially denounced the "forced deportation under the threat of execution” of Christians, calling it a "crime that cannot be tolerated.” The Secretary General also distanced Islam from the actions of the militant group known as ISIS, saying they "have nothing to do with Islam and its principles that call for justice, kindness, fairness, freedom of faith and coexistence.”
But what will they do to stop it, that's the real question. My prediction: nothing.

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Pope Francis blesses bombings

By Donald Sensing

Can I call 'em, or what? My August 7 analysis of Pope Francis' statement on ISIS: Pope Francis: Bomb ISIS now


Fearing a genocide of Christians, the Vatican has given its approval to US military air strikes in Iraq -- a rare exception to its policy of peaceful conflict resolution.
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